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COVID-19 Update: Pebble Creek Family Dentistry is Open!

On March 22, 2022 the Kentucky Board of Dentistry ended the COVID-related state of emergency in Kentucky.  Licensed dentists may return to practicing under pre-pandemic conditions using professional judgement.


Therefore, Dr. Spencer and Dr. King are no longer requesting patients and visitors to wear masks in our office.  Non-clinical team members will not be required to wear masks.  We will continue to keep our plexi-glass barriers up at the moment.  Clinical team members will continue to wear masks within treatment rooms.
We will continue to respect those patients and visitors that will wear masks for various reasons and personal concerns.  As always, we hope that our patients will express any discomfort and we will respect their concerns and can certainly honor certain requests.

We ask that any questions or concerns regarding our new guidelines are directed to our office staff. To schedule an appointment, please contact us 270-825-2686.

Thank you!

Dr. Spencer and Dr. King